What makes the aquaciser™ The best on the market?

The AquaCiser™ is designed to help horses gain ultimate results in fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation. All features of the machine have been uniquely detailed to allow horses to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

‘Pressure Walking’ or ‘Surging’ in water is a widely accepted fitness programme adopted by most trainers using beaches and waterways. However, environmental impact studies and occupational health and safety issues are rapidly reducing access to these areas. Now we bring the beach to you! Give your horses the edge with the AquaCiser™!

The whirlpool effect created by other similar walkers greatly reduces the benefit of water training. The AquaCiser™ has a unique design that reduces the ‘whirlpool’ effect, giving your horses a superior water walking experience.

Builders license No. BLD 197549
Aust. patent No. 20051001128

  • Safe & efficient
  • Achieve fitness with low impact work
  • Extend your horse’s racing life
  • Ideal for pressure walking & surging
  • Exceptional rehabilitation capabilities
  • Ideal for warm down after exercise
  • Proven filtration system
  • State of the art floor cleaning system
  • Specialised rubber flooring offers sure footing for horses